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We Understand Debt Problems

Here at Debt Movement, we know that debt problems can affect people from all walks of life. We’re here to give you the help and guidance you need to understand the options available to you and clear debt for good.

From IVAs to bankruptcy and DMPs to DROs, debt solutions can be daunting, and you may not know where to start. Our friendly and knowledgeable guides can talk you through the options that will best suit your financial situation.

Choose from the options below to read more about debt solutions, and request a callback today to hear how we can help.

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Bankruptcy is a formal insolvency solution that involves applying to the court for an order to clear your debt.

Monthly contributions (if applicable) will be based on your affordability.

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Debt Management Plan

A debt management plan (DMP) is an arrangement between you and your creditors to repay your debt. Payments are arranged with your creditors based on your income and affordability, thereby lowering your monthly payments. You will repay all of your debt in full in a DMP.

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Debt Relief Order

A debt relief order (DRO) is a debt solution for those who have no assets to use toward paying back their debt. A DRO is an alternative to bankruptcy for non-homeowners residing in England & Wales with less than £2,000 in assets, creditors of less than £30,000 and a disposable income of less than £75 and for non-homeowners residing in Northern Ireland with less than £1,000 in assets, creditors of less than £20,000 and a disposable income of less than £50.

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Individual Voluntary Arrangement

An Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is a formal insolvency solution where you will agree with your creditors to make monthly payments based on your affordability for a fixed period of time. After you have made all of your payments, creditors agree to write off the remaining debt.

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